Flipora Removal

With Flipora, you can discover the best of the Web tailored to your interests. Flipora works best when you install the browser addon so that you can receive personalized website recommendations based on your interests. We have already seen how to install the Flipora browser addon and how to use the Flipora web app in our earlier posts. Today, we’ll show you how to uninstall the Flipora addon should you want to do so for any reason. There is a lot of misinformation online from some very scammy websites that automatically generate posts attempting to give advice about how to remove a variety of addons or extensions including Flipora. Most of the sites however use this as a ruse to trick unsuspecting users into installing malware from their site. Please note that this is the official Flipora blog and this is the correct set of instructions for removing the Flipora addon if you choose to do that. We strongly urge you not to follow instructions from elsewhere on the Web.

If you wish to uninstall the Flipora add-on for any reason, removing the addon from the browser of your choice is a simple, easy process. Uninstalling this add-on removes the static.flipora.com (Web Search) home page and resets your home page and search settings to what you had earlier. There are two ways to do this, as explained below:

you can manually remove the add-on by following the instructions for your browser below:

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer

For Chrome Users:

    • chrome_24x24 Mac OSX

    • chrome_24x24 Windows

For Firefox Users:

    • firefox_24x24 Mac OSX

    • firefox_24x24 Windows

For Internet Explorer Users:

    • internet-explorer_24x24 Windows 7

    • internet-explorer_24x24 Windows 8

  • internet-explorer_24x24 Windows XP

If you also wish to restore your home page to its default factory settings, and not have our Flipora page as your home page, you can find instructions on adjusting your homepage here:
How to Reset Your Homepage

If you have more questions, you can reach Flipora support at support@flipora.com


  1. Thanks for your advice on “HOW TO UNINSTALL FLIPORA” – it’s was a useful resource and I’ve bookmarked a few of them for future reference.
    Are there any other antivirus blogs (or web resources in general) that you can recommend to me?

  2. no lo entendi

  3. Liana Haddad Monteiro de Castro · ·

    Não consegui desinstalar o FLIPORA muito me incomoda pois em nenhum momento eu o quiz no meu computer pessoal, acredito ter sido o último técnico que veio fazer uma limpeza …. como DESINSTALÁ-LO? URGENTE POR FAVOR COM INFORMJAÇÕES E COMANDOS SIMPLES. LIANA HADDAD MONTEIRO DE CASTRO liana.haddad50@gmail.com

  4. nurzat elmali · ·

    I would like to leave from this program.
    thank you

  5. nurzat elmali · ·

    ı would like to leave from this program

  6. Line Hammervold · ·

    What about Safari?! I want my old start page back, it seems to be impossible!!!

  7. Весела Фажева · ·


  8. Thank you for your nice and helpful post. I really like it.

  9. Acela Villazón · ·

    Por favor deseo que me quiten FLIPORA, parace que hubo un error y lo instalé. Deseo que me quiten este prgrama por favor y me dejen el anterior. Por favor, no quiero este FLIPORA

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  11. Please help me l want to remove flipora from my device for ever ,l have tried but failed to do so

  12. Please help me l want to remove flipora from my device for ever ,l have tried but failed to do so

  13. Jott Jeirs · ·

    SCREW YOU Flipora for wasting 2 hours of my time. You are intentionally preying upon naive Internet users like children and have made it nearly impossible to remove your software from Firefox, including disabling menu-access to the extensions!

  14. Lorna Rudder · ·


  15. NAEEM UDDIN · ·

    I am not satisfied

  16. I am not satisfied

  17. Okende Onesphor Adrogo · ·

    I am not satisfied because it slows down my computer

  18. Phaly sok · ·

    I am really up set about flipora. Please accept me leave this page immedially. I’ve never been satisfied.

  19. Rita D · ·

    you tell me to go to firefox menu to remove flipora and then nothing else…..how can I remove it Please???????

  20. Please remove my link

  21. i would like to leave flipora

  22. msmanufacturing@rediffmail.com · ·

    not need

  23. nao quero

  24. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after
    going through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently.

  25. I don’t know how to use this Flipora

  26. ephraim chiuye · ·

    I am really up set about flipora. Please accept me leave this page immedially. I’ve never been satisfied.It slows down my computer please help me remove it

  27. You have altered my computer settings and I want this uninstalled immediately. If I could not speak English I would never be able to uninstall this junk from my computer. My niece who doesnt speak English was unaware she was installing this crap. I am trying to go to your settings to uninstall and it doesnt make it easy. I hope this company disappears.

  28. What does this thing filipora?! L advantage that it promotes?

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