Hi everyone, we are super excited to announce the launch of Flipora Version 2.0. This is the biggest, most exciting update to Flipora since we launched in 2012. We’re announcing an all new, next generation recommendation engine and a completely new design. You can see it for yourself here. What is Flipora? Flipora is NOT […]

Hi all, This has been an insanely exciting, record breaking year at Flipora which is a discovery engine that recommends new websites to users based on their interests. This was the year the Flipora rocketship truly crossed over into the mainstream in terms of usage and we have a lot to announce. Let’s get started. […]

With Flipora, you can discover the best of the Web tailored to your interests. Flipora works best when you install the browser addon so that you can receive personalized website recommendations based on your interests. We have already seen how to install the Flipora browser addon and how to use the Flipora web app in […]

As a personalized search and discovery engine, Flipora is a highly essential tool to create an integrated experience with the online portal, to immerse yourself into a brand new world. It opens up a wide list of options, smart searches for your convenience, and at the same time recommends an array of new things that […]

Called India’s answer to Google, Flipora, previously known as Infoaxe, can be rightly coined as the smart search engine that suggests websites for you, based on your recent search history.  Unlike a normal search engine that throws generic search results when used, Flipora throws relevant results based on the user’s browsing history, and recommends new […]

Hi everyone, we collected together some gems from Flipora’s recommendation engine that have been most popular with our millions of users. Enjoy these and keep flipping!


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