Flipora Removal

With Flipora, you can discover the best of the Web tailored to your interests. Flipora works best when you install the browser addon so that you can receive personalized website recommendations based on your interests. We have already seen how to install the Flipora browser addon and how to use the Flipora web app in our earlier posts. Today, we’ll show you how to uninstall the Flipora addon should you want to do so for any reason. There is a lot of misinformation online from some very scammy websites that automatically generate posts attempting to give advice about how to remove a variety of addons or extensions including Flipora. Most of the sites however use this as a ruse to trick unsuspecting users into installing malware from their site. Please note that this is the official Flipora blog and this is the correct set of instructions for removing the Flipora addon if you choose to do that. We strongly urge you not to follow instructions from elsewhere on the Web.

If you wish to uninstall the Flipora add-on for any reason, removing the addon from the browser of your choice is a simple, easy process. Uninstalling this add-on removes the static.flipora.com (Web Search) home page and resets your home page and search settings to what you had earlier. There are two ways to do this, as explained below:

you can manually remove the add-on by following the instructions for your browser below:

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer

For Chrome Users:

    • chrome_24x24 Mac OSX

    • chrome_24x24 Windows

For Firefox Users:

    • firefox_24x24 Mac OSX

    • firefox_24x24 Windows

For Internet Explorer Users:

    • internet-explorer_24x24 Windows 7

    • internet-explorer_24x24 Windows 8

  • internet-explorer_24x24 Windows XP

If you also wish to restore your home page to its default factory settings, and not have our Flipora page as your home page, you can find instructions on adjusting your homepage here:
How to Reset Your Homepage

If you have more questions, you can reach Flipora support at support@flipora.com


  1. Thank you for your nice and helpful post. I really like it.

  2. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after
    going through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently.

  3. yes i want to use both my face book account and e mail on ordinary bases thanks.

  4. Daryl Spadaccini · ·

    OK, folks… I’ve filled out the uninstall/cancel thing 4 times this week. I can’t do it manually because I’m not using any of the combinations you present.
    Simply remove this from me, please.


  5. luis fonseca · ·

    Este programa e uma merdaaaaaaaaaaa
    tirem isto de meu pc pois e mau demais.
    isto n passa de um espiao que temos instalado no pc, e que a custa de nossas escolhas so querem ganhar dinheiro a nossa custa.

  6. Eugene Kavadlo · ·

    I have Mac os 10.7.5 and the uninstall directions provided on your website do not work. Please remove any and all flipora connections from my computer. Remove cookies, remove any attachment to my computer. Uninstall flipora.

  7. gentile paglia · ·

    Please uninstsll flipora

  8. A.Sundram · ·

    Presently I am unable to open my E-mail logins as such please help me

  9. cancel my subscription,please

  10. please unistall flipora

  11. This is a terrible site- It is sending all my contacts messages without permission, It is truly terrible… run run run and do not use. spammy virusses rubbish

  12. Please uninstsll flipora

  13. loathsome people, emailing all my emails contacts just like spam. I hope I am rid of you.

  14. faith sheryl · ·

    am sorry but i wanna ask you to kindly remove this flipora thing from my computer. thanks

  15. How do I uninstall this. I do not trust this site at all.

  16. Flipora – If you do not get out of my internet, I am calling the Attorney General’s Office of New Jersey, and of the USA.

  17. Markku Pietikäinen · ·

    I followed your uninstall proces. No effect at all! Ficora keep poping up any search. I use Firebox, latest version. How do I get arid of Flipora?

  18. Javier Quintana · ·

    Please, remove this flipora thing from my computer. thanks

  19. can you please remove flipora from my computer

  20. Marianna · ·

    Please uninstsll flipora

  21. Alex Benziger. · ·

    Please, remove this flipora thing from my computer. thanks

  22. désinstaller flipora de mon ordinateur? comment??????

  23. renato · ·

    How to remove Flipora on Linux?
    please help!

  24. Charlie Gratn · ·

    have unistalled 3 times and it’s still there. pls get rid of it

  25. Please uninstall all complete Flipora from my Mac

  26. favor cancelar la suscripcion

  27. Surya Kanta Misra · ·

    Please uninstall compleately Flipora From subaldas49@gmail.com

  28. Surya Kanta Misra · ·

    Please uninstall compleatlelly Flipofa

  29. Please uninstall flipora immidiately from my computer

  30. Jaana Kervinen · ·

    Please uninstall flipora immidiately from my computer

  31. great article infact its new info for me.

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